Save your resume and headshot for IBM, we don’t care…

We are seeking savvy marketers who get what’s going on…

What’s going on?

Social activity is shaping the Internet, and the Internet has gone mobile.

Our Solution is an All-in-one Facebook Page Builder, Authenticated Lead Capture & Management System, and Automated Mobile Website Generator.

We just came out of the beta stages, and sales are steadily growing without any significant marketing push. The marketing switch is now getting flipped to the “on” position and we are going to need help. We expect to gain thousands of new users over the next 6 months.

This is a start-up – with that being said there is very little money to go around right now, so this will NOT be a paid position. However, there are always opportunities to make money around the office.

We are also in the process of seeking funding with several interested parties. Should we get funding, you could be offered a PAID position with our founding team.

This is a seriously epic opportunity for the right person to stop dreaming and start doing.

You must have the ability to learn technology quickly. You’ll be tweeting, posting, pinning, searching, supporting, connecting, blogging – basically all the stuff we are trying to do with the limited time we have.

Apply here…

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